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INCYBER by Satori & aural planet for Windows

Released at DIGITAL . ZOOO 2000

Psyko Killer by Spaceballs for OCS/ECS Amiga’s

Released at Assembly 2000 and Lucky & Tigrou Party 2000

Forms by replay for Windows

Released at Dreamhack 2000

Bubbles by Tulou for Gameboy Colour

Released at Dreamhack 2000 and underscore 2001


melange by 4th Dimension & light future

Released at Chaos Constructions 2000 for the ZX Spectrum

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Released at horizon 2000 for Windows PC’s

J by Ephidrena

Released at The Party 2000

VIP2 in your browser


Yes it’s possible thanks to Ruben Ramos who did this incredible work.

The VIP2 is a demo I made with PoPsY TeAm more than 10 years ago.
I released the source code few year after ( on a server who doesn’t existe anymore so I must reupload it somewhere.. ) But it’s seem that Ruben found a version of it.

So if you don’t belive me you can go on links below and see it by yourself !

VIP2 on pouet

Originally released as an invite for Very Important Party 2000 at Takeover 2000

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Bier by Ephidrena

Winner of the Amiga 4K compo at Mekka & Symposium 2000