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The timeless by mercury for Windows

Released at Revision 2014

via @wangjammer5

HSDV by Damones for OCS/ECS Amiga’s

Winner of the Amiga 64K compo at Datastorm 2014

Folded_Open by Focus Design & depth for AGA Amiga’s

Released at Datastorm 2014

Point 2014 by z brothers for Windows

Winner of the combined demo/intro compo at DiHalt Lite 2014

luma by mercury for Windows

Winner of the combined intro compo at Payback 2014

Forms by replay for Windows

Released at Dreamhack 2000

Astral Flux by Inque for Windows

Released at Outline 2013

lithium by vista for MS-DOS

Winner of the combined 64K compo at Juhla 1997

bugtro by Mostly Harmless for Windows

Released at Breakpoint 2005